Airbnb replaces owners with long-term rentals

As travel begins to open up, Airbnb has surfaced to make several announcements to attract travelers. The online accommodation market has noted the rollout of flexible booking and location flexibility to help customers plan their trips with ease. A faster onboarding process for hosts and a support service for super hosts to hopefully increase its announcements.

Additionally, CEO Brian Chesky revealed that Airbnb aims to change to accommodate the world undoubtedly changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Chesky notes that nearly a quarter of bookings made on Airbnb are now long-term (28 days or more). Emphasizing a new emphasis on providing flexibility for tenants to move around freely while shedding the traditional landlord-tenant model.

“I think this is all anachronistic and will eventually go away,” Chesky says. “So almost this whole old rental system, you don’t have to do it anymore.” Adding: “This is something that was invented before technology could automate almost everything. It’s like using a rotary phone, all of a sudden we have smartphones.

Finish things off by sharing that Airbnb’s trust and security team is “more sophisticated” than what owners currently have in place so any issues that may arise are addressed quickly. Brian Chesky also notes that he plans to review his rates to find a compromise for hosts and renters to increase bookings overall.

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