Airbnb reveals domestic travel trends

Bangkok, August 26, 2020: Airbnb records significant growth in domestic bookings as Thais travel locally at a time when the door to international leisure travel remains closed.

Airbnb data shows Thais travel closer to home during this time. Over 40% of Airbnb reservations are made within 500 km of home. Non-urban destinations are also proving popular, attracting 45% of bookings from local Airbnb travelers.

Booking trends show Gulf of Thailand resorts are popular, according to Airbnb, but there’s also a drift towards national parks and interior heritage towns in the central provinces.

Former loyal beach destinations such as Pattaya and Hua Hin reap the benefits of being within 200 km of the Thai capital.

Thailand’s predominantly rural inland destinations, located within a 500-mile radius of Bangkok, catch the eye of family travelers who book villas and enjoy long weekends by car.

Saraburi is the closest, but families head to Khao Yai for adventure activities or further afield to explore cultural and heritage towns such as Lopburi and Sukhothai. Nature and adventure lovers head to the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi province.

Ayutthaya just 80 km from Bangkok is also popular with families for day trips. The ability to indulge in outdoor activities such as biking fuels bookings on the Chao Phraya River barges.

Airbnb also sees customers opting for privacy in their choice of stay. Pools and kitchens are the most sought-after amenities, underscoring travelers’ desire for more control over their immediate surroundings. Meanwhile, stays that allow pets rank among the best, with “allowing pets” being among the top five most sought after amenities in Thailand.

(Source: Airbnb)

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