Airbnb reveals it stopped 375,000 people from hosting unauthorized parties in Spain, France and UK

Airbnb has released an update on the implementation of the policy of restricting reservations for customers under 25 in the UK, Spain and France. The effort has been made to end anti-social behavior and minimize unauthorized parties, especially during the pandemic, when all governments urge people not to participate in gatherings.

According to information shared by the host company, since its launch in August 2020, this technology has restricted the redirect booking to around 375.00 people, reports

“Across France more than 240,000 people have been stranded, in the UK almost 84,000 people have been arrested and in Spain almost 50,000 people have been prevented from making a reservation. Airbnb reveals.

Additionally, the update follows another update on the Great Rebalancing of European Travel, a series promoting travel across the EU during a pandemic, claiming that it is safe, sustainable and beneficial. to all.

According to the recent assessment update, Airbnb has already called on the EU to establish temporary rental regulations. This proposal was put forward and the authority highly appreciated the data sharing partnership with the European Commission.

Another achievement the host company revealed is the introduction of new rules for Catalonia, which now allow hosts offering private rooms to register their properties with the relevant authorities. In addition, the UK government is working on a guest registration system, which is part of its tourism recovery plan, following Airbnb’s recommendation after working with UK communities and authorities.

In addition, Airbnb, in collaboration with the French government, launched the Healthy Tourism Recovery Pledge, which supports the resumption of the pandemic and encourages guest registrations in major cities in France, starting with Bordeaux, Paris and other cities to follow. On the other hand, the company applauded the Dutch registration system, which is now implemented in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague.

Previously, Airbnb revealed that from May 18 to 24, European citizens searched for bookings for 31% more, compared to the same period in 2019, more precisely, a 31% increase in bookings was seen in Belgium, 28% in Germany and 15% in France. In addition, a 14% increase in bookings was recorded in Portugal, 8% in Austria, 12% in Italy and Spain and an increase of 4% in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Ireland.

The company also pointed out that due to the coronavirus outbreak, even the trend of bookings has changed, moving more to less famous places; for example, European citizens have reserved more places for the Var seaside instead of Paris or on the Costa Blanca instead of Barcelona.

Airbnb is an American company founded in 2008 that serves as a platform for hosts to offer their properties to homestays and vacation rentals, as well as most tourism and traveler-related activities to find stays. affordable when traveling.

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