Airbnb says renters must meet two criteria to rent during Memorial Day and July 4 weekends

Looking to rent a house over Memorial Day or 4th of July weekend? You must have a positive history with Airbnb if you hope to secure accommodation through them.

“As summer rapidly approaches, we continue to strengthen our commitment to trying to stop as many unauthorized parties as possible in the United States,” Airbnb officials said in a statement. A press release.

The company is returning to a program it tried on Halloween and New Years in 2020.

The system focuses on blocking certain single-night bookings and redirecting two-night bookings for anyone with no positive history on the site.

The system was used over the 4th of July weekend last year, and there was a dramatic decrease in the number of unauthorized parties and reports of disruptive behavior.

The operation of the system is as follows:

  • For one night bookings, guests without a positive review history will not be able to rent.
  • For two-night bookings, the company says it will “leverage and amplify our technology that restricts certain local or last-minute bookings by guests with no history of positive reviews on Airbnb.”
  • Customers with a positive review history will not be subject to the rules.
  • Airbnb will also institute anti-party attestations for guests attempting to make local reservations. They will be required to certify that they understand that parties are prohibited and that if they break the rule they may be subject to legal action.

“We don’t take these steps lightly,” the company said, noting that holiday weekends are important to their hosts.

The company will work with local law enforcement in some cases and will also set up a neighborhood hotline that allows neighbors who know a home is an Airbnb rental to report unauthorized or disruptive parties to the company.

The helpline will include online and telephone reporting capabilities.

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