Airbnb says travel industry is changing: longer stays and family groups are new trends

Airbnb said on Wednesday that new trends are changing the travel industry as longer stays and family groups are now the most popular choices.

On Wednesday, Airbnb published its Travel and Life Report said remote working gives consumers more travel opportunities, and it’s changing the way people choose to travel.

There is a clear trend towards longer stays of at least 28 nights. These nearly doubled, from 14% of nights booked in 2019 to 24% of nights booked in the first quarter of 2021. In the UK, they stood at 19%, according to the report.

“Family travel on Airbnb for the summer is at an all-time high, with the majority of our summer bookings made in listings large enough for five or more people. Families are leading the redistribution of trips from the same places to everywhere, looking for more distant places, ”the report said.

“About 95% of Airbnb travel for this summer is booked in entire homes, up from around 80% in summer 2019. The house, not the location, has become the destination,” the report notes.

“Businesses and governments are experimenting with flexible hours and four-day work weeks as well as remote working. For those fortunate enough to be able to work remotely, working from anywhere has become a viable way of life, ”says the report.

Three-quarters of those polled in five countries, including the UK, said they were interested in living somewhere other than where their employer was based after the pandemic, according to the report.

In the UK, 37% of those polled said they saw travel more as a way of life where they spent more time in different places throughout the year. However, 46 percent said they still view the trips as specific trips.

The survey also revealed an “overwhelming” desire for more flexibility in travel in terms of time and location. Of Airbnb’s searches in April, 40% were flexible in terms of dates, location, or both.

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