Airbnb: Scottish government appears to want to tackle short-term rental issues – Helen Martin

Key safes can be a sign of Airbnb properties (Photo: Michael Gillen)

Those who were suffering in their homes – ignoring us, the rest of us who just couldn’t cope downtown during the summer – were the ones who deserved the most sympathy.

They lived in the Old Town in traditional accommodation, but were harassed by Airbnbs on their staircase, with some vacationers being loud, partying at night and showing no consideration for residential neighbors.

When these short-term rentals (STLs) continued during non-foreclosure periods in 2020, local residents were also concerned that overseas visitors might only stay for a week or two, and are handling the items. common doors and stair railings with the risk of sharing Covid-19. Did it happen or not? Who knows? But the fears of the inhabitants were understandable.

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The legislation proposed by the Scottish government, as I understand it, now looks positive. Short term rentals across Scotland should be permitted.

Local authorities could control areas for STLs. And taxes could be raised so that those who manage short-term rentals contribute to the communities in which they operate. This last point is certainly justifiable, as during normal peak periods short term rental for a week can equal one month’s rent for long term rental.

There are other budget, local and personal B & B’s that offer rooms to vacationers (this is how Airbnb started) that should be excluded from the legislation and the tax. Today Airbnb has changed, become a very different and sometimes very lucrative industry, involving foreign investors and taking over thousands of apartments in Edinburgh.

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