Airbnb: Take your Halloween parties elsewhere, Austin

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Online home rental company Airbnb is continuing its holiday crackdown on its Austin properties for Halloween this year.

It’s a plan Airbnb kicked off in 2020 for Halloween, a popular time for house parties, which relies on banning overnight house bookings during holidays and associated weekends. Halloween falls on a Sunday this year. The ban went into effect Wednesday on properties in the United States and Canada.

Customers who do not have a history of positive reviews will not be allowed to make overnight reservations for all of the accommodations. For those looking to make 2-night bookings around Halloween, Airbnb said it will “roll out more stringent restrictions” on these. This will limit some local and last minute bookings by customers without a history of positive reviews, and the company will also block bookings within an “extended radius” of the property.

Airbnb says the restrictions don’t apply to guests who have a history of positive reviews, and when booking in the Holiday Weekend window, they must acknowledge Airbnb’s party ban.

Airbnb said it has implemented a similar policy for New Years Eve and July 4. Airbnb said the restrictions were working and estimated a 51% drop in holiday incidents for New Years Eve.

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