Airbnb to provide free temporary housing to 20,000 more Afghan refugees

Airbnb is doubling the number of Afghan refugees it plans to host temporarily as more people flee Afghanistan and seek shelter after the Taliban seized power in the country last month.

The San Francisco-based company aims to provide free housing for an additional 20,000 Afghan refugees, bringing the total to 40,000 since it launched the initiative last month, it said in a statement.

“Thanks to the generosity of our hosts and donors from across the country and around the world, will have the capacity to go beyond its initial commitment to house 20,000 Afghan refugees, ”he said.

“If demand for housing matches supply in communities where refugees are resettling, these new resources could help provide housing for an additional 20,000 Afghan refugees. is a non-profit arm of the business that helps people find temporary housing in times of crisis around the world. Over the past four years, the organization has helped more than 25,000 refugees find temporary accommodation.

In addition to stays funded by Airbnb,, and donors, 5,000 hosts on Airbnb have offered to offer free and discounted stays to Afghan refugees, and more and more hosts are volunteering to support them. refugees every day, he said.

Tens of thousands of Afghans and foreign citizens fled the country after the Taliban seized power two decades after being toppled by the United States and NATO.

The takeover by activists increases the risk of economic collapse as the country continues to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic, drought and weakening currency.

The need for temporary housing is expected to increase as more Afghans flee the country. In the United States alone, authorities estimate 65,000 refugees will arrive by the end of September and up to 30,000 more in the year to come.

Airbnb said it was working with all nine U.S. resettlement agencies, including the International Rescue Committee and Church World Service, as well as Afghan-led organizations such as Women for Afghan Women, to help refugees.

“Resettlement agencies expect bookings to increase as more Afghan evacuees leave military bases and head to the communities where they will relocate.”

The company is also working closely with partners to assess temporary housing needs outside the United States with the aim of expanding to other countries that have pledged to resettle significant numbers of Afghan refugees, a- he declared.

The UAE is also hosting Afghan families, especially women and children, and is committed to taking all necessary steps to provide them with care and social support during their stay on UAE soil.

The initiative of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, crown prince of Abu Dhabi and deputy supreme commander of the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates, aims to ensure the safety and dignity of these families, the news agency reported earlier. United Arab Emirates State Wam.

Updated: September 24, 2021, 12:37 PM

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