Airbnb to provide temporary housing to 20,000 Afghan refugees – Middle East Monitor

Home rental company Airbnb Inc said on Tuesday it would provide temporary housing to 20,000 Afghan refugees around the world, Reuters reported.

The effort will be funded by Airbnb, its chief executive, Brian Chesky, and donations to its charity, the company said in a blog post.

“We provide this accommodation through resettlement agencies and partners, which coordinate directly with refugees and advise them on their length of stay needs,” a company spokesperson said. .

“Although we only provide temporary (non-permanent) housing, we are committed to housing these families for as long as they need it.”

Afghans continue to wait around Hamid Karzai International Airport as they attempt to flee the Afghan capital of Kabul, Afghanistan on August 21, 2021. [Sayed Khodaiberdi Sadat – Anadolu Agency]

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan last week as the United States and its allies pulled their troops out of the country. The United States and its allies are rushing to complete the evacuation of all foreigners and vulnerable Afghans before an August 31 deadline agreed with the Taliban expires.

Over the past weekend, worked with partners to place 165 refugees in safe housing soon after arriving in the United States, Airbnb said.

U.S. Army and coalition flights have evacuated 21,600 people from Kabul, Afghanistan, over a 24-hour period since Monday morning, a White House official said on Tuesday.

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