Airbnb tricked into dollhouse listing by YouTube pranksters

Two UK-based YouTubers have successfully listed a dollhouse as legitimate accommodation on the Airbnb short-term rental platform.

The prank was shared on the popular YouTube page of Josh Pieters and Archie Manners, a couple known for pranking celebrities on their channel, which has at least 1.46 million subscribers.

In the video, Pieters and Manners set out to test Airbnb’s verification protocol by seeing if the multinational platform would allow them to list a dollhouse. And, surprisingly, he did.

They photographed the interior of a Georgian-era dollhouse, uploaded the photos to the website, and claimed it was a townhouse – while intentionally hinting that it it was a dollhouse in their photos.

One image contains a bottle of water. In another, the heads of Pieters and Manners are reflected in a mirror, while a few other images even include life-size credit cards.

However, despite this and a host of other red flags, Airbnb accepted the announcement and began allowing bookings on it. With the listing priced at £ 87 ($ 156) a night, around £ 3,000 (nearly $ 5,377) in bookings have been made, according to YouTube pranksters.

After reservations were made and the couple tested whether someone would actually show up at the dollhouse, listed in Clapham, London, Pieters and Manners said they returned the deposits.

Pieters said they wanted to see how robust Airbnb’s scam verification processes were.

“You can rent almost any type of home on Airbnb, but how carefully does Airbnb check their listings? He said in the video.

The prank raises questions about how easily scams can be orchestrated on Airbnb.

B&T has contacted Airbnb’s UK press service for comment.

Featured Image Source: YouTube / Josh Pieters & Archie Manners

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