Airbnb unveils plans to help prevent unauthorized parties this Halloween

We have all heard the horror stories, maybe we have experienced them ourselves. We’re not talking about paranormal experiences but overzealous revelers taking the party to the next level in Airbnb home rentals that are enough to wake the dead.

Airbnb has announced that it will continue its ongoing plan to help prevent unauthorized parties this Halloween.

The basis of the plan is a block on overnight bookings over the Halloween weekend on all of its listings of homes in Toronto and across Canada. Exceptions will be made for customers who have had positive reviews.

The company began introducing a variation of this vacation initiative in 2020 and has seen a 49% drop in incidents in Canada and the United States.

In Toronto in particular, the company saw more than 1,300 people deterred by the initial program in place.

The anti-party restrictions for Halloween are similar to the company’s initiatives for New Years Eve. Starting August 17, customers attempting to book a reservation will see the one-night reservation ban already in place. For bookings of two nights, more stringent restrictions will be in place. For example, their technology will detect some local and last minute bookings by customers without a history of positive reviews and block bookings within a larger radius. Travelers will also need to certify that they understand Airbnb’s party ban and that they may be subject to legal action if not followed.

You can find out more about Airbnb’s holiday and event policy. here.

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