Airbnb urges hosts not to discriminate against travelers

In a city where the average rent is around $ 4,000, finding cheap and affordable housing is a long and tiring task. Learn about the invention of Airbnb, a service that puts customers in direct contact with hosts by allowing them to rent their vacant rooms and empty apartments at an affordable price.

As a website user, host and traveler, this reporter co-authored the convenience of Airbnb. The $ 2.5 billion company enables owners and travelers to connect in an innovative way that users say is safer than Craigslist and more affordable than hotels. It’s a great way for travelers to find accommodation in their price range and live like a local while hosts make some cash. But, like any other large business, Airbnb also has its flaws.

Airbnb has been investigated for discrimination against travelers by hosts. In fact, the problem was so serious that the company had to publish a series of emails aimed at preventing hosts from directly and unconsciously discriminating against potential guests based on race, gender identity, etc.

In 2015, Gregory Selden, a 25-year-old black man living in Richmond, Virginia, tweeted that he had been rejected by an Airbnb host because of his skin color. Selden told the New Yorker that it could be cheaper to stay at someone’s house, through Airbnb, than to rent a hotel, so he created an Airbnb profile, with a photo and some basic information about himself, and sent a request to a host the place looked inviting.

But when Selden made the reservation, the hosts quickly responded and claimed the dates had been taken. This response prompted Selden to create two fake profiles, “Jessie” and “Todd” as white travelers. Selden requested the same dates for Jessie and Todd and immediately received a response from the hosts who accepted the reservation.

A similar situation arose when Aina Fadina tried to reserve a seat. Her two hosts claimed dates were not available and even said they had family to come. Fadina asked, “Why are their places still open for reservations?

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