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Amsterdam was hailed as an innovator among sharing economy enthusiasts in February when it became one of the first cities to create a new category of accommodation, which enabled city residents to occasionally rent their house to tourists.

Several rules applied to hosts: residents could only rent the accommodation in which they live, they must own the space or have the permission of their owner, and they must pay taxes on income from rentals. of short time.

Today, the city and Airbnb announced plans to work more closely together to educate hosts and collect taxes.

The most important part of the partnership is Airbnb’s plan to collect and remit resort tax on behalf of hosts from February 2015. This is a first for the company in Europe.

Offering to collect taxes is one of Airbnb’s primary strategies to appease regulators, calm investors, and keep users happy. In April, Airbnb offered to collect taxes in New York City, its largest U.S. market, and recently began collecting taxes in San Francisco and Portland. Airbnb is also close to making a deal to collect and remit taxes in Chicago.

The second big change in Airbnb’s relationship with Amsterdam is that it will now also communicate the city’s house-sharing rules with guests.

In addition to a city webpage outlining the rules and information for potential hosts, Airbnb will also display a summary of the rules that hosts should read before posting an ad and send email updates to hosts. twice a year.

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