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Winnie the Pooh “Bearbnb”

Vacation in the Hundred Acre Woods at “The House at Pooh Corner”. This ‘Winnie the Pooh’ themed Airbnb is located in Nutley, England. The said “Bearbnb” celebrate 95e anniversary of the first publication of AA Milne’s beloved “Winnie the Pooh” children’s book series. Although the old silly bear won’t judge you if you spend your time doing nothing, the stay comes with a guided tour of the Hundred Acre Woods and a chance to play Poohsticks on the Poohsticks Bridge. The chalet is provided with yoga mats when it is time for your strength training exercise. And if you’re in the mood for food, there are some hunny-inspired snacks.

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel

The Potato is the hall in South Boise, Idaho. Gather your best potato for a stay within 28 feet long, 12 feet wide Big Idaho Potato Hotel, listed on Airbnb. The 6-ton potato traveled across the country as part of the Idaho Potato Commission’s Big Idaho Potato Tour and now sits on 400 acres of farmland. The Potato Stay features an indoor fireplace, spa retreat, and resident Jersey Cow.

Fluvial paradise

Architecture enthusiasts will appreciate the River Paradise Airbnb. Located on 7 acres in Folsom, Louisiana, this unique Airbnb looks like a fantastic ride. If Sleeping Beauty had been installed in the swamp, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather would have brought Aurora here. The house includes a wraparound terrace with views of the river and a bridge and a path that leads to it.

The McFly and the Slater

Take your DeLorean to Dallas, Texas for that blast from the past. The lower part of this Airbnb duplex is known as the 80s themed McFly, while the first floor is the ’90s-themed Slater. Both are filled with sweet cereal options, retro video games, and decade-appropriate decor. (You bet there are posters of the five New Kids on the Block on the walls of the Slater.) The nostalgia doesn’t end inside, there’s a McDonald’s Hamburglar prison in the backyard.

Great escape


Host the ultimate game night with 43 of your friends at the great Escape, a gaming-themed Airbnb in Clermont, Florida. Enjoy themed rooms, like the Pac-Man Arcade. Enter for your favorite chess piece on the life-size chessboard. Act like a ‘big’ kid, with the Zoltar machine and the 7 foot floor piano. Venture outside for human foosball and bowling. One thing is certain, you will not be “on board”.

Underground hygge

Spend a quiet and peaceful stay in your own hobbit hole in Orondo, Washington. The Underground Hygge is nestled in the Columbia River Gorge mountain. Open the round doors to watch the sun set behind the hills of this “Lord of the Rings” location. There’s even a hot drink bar for your afternoon tea.

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