Airbnb’s $10 million! Funds to finance the craziest and most unique ideas in the world

Amid the growing trend of flexible living, travelers are increasingly looking for unexpected places to stay. This demand has created new opportunities for creative hosts with impressive spaces to share, from a UFO house [] has a giant potato []: OMG hosts! listings saw a 75% increase in global revenue from 2019 to 2021, with nights booked at unique properties increasing by more than 45% globally over the same two-year period.

To inspire people to share the craziest spaces in the world, Airbnb is launching a $10 million OMG! Fund, to fund 100 of the most unique property ideas – and give 100 people the chance to turn them into real Airbnb OMG! Category lists. Airbnb Categories, which launched last month, offers a new way to search and discover those special properties, and OMG! The category is Airbnb’s collection of unique and quirky homes.

Applications for the OMG! The fund will open on June 22n/a, through July 22 at 11:59 p.m. ET. The 100 winners will be selected by a jury over the next few months – evaluated for their uniqueness, creativity, feasibility, sustainability and immersive experience they could offer customers – with the intention of have several newly built spaces available for booking next year.

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