Airbnbs currently available in Glasgow for containment stays

As the lockdown continues to ease in Scotland, the country’s tourism sector slowly prepares to reopen.

From this Wednesday (July 15), all holiday accommodation can reopen and operate again. However, self-catering and self-catering accommodation has been available to the public since July 3.

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Part of the attempt to revive tourism has seen an increasing emphasis on stays, with people being encouraged to spend their holidays in Scotland.

In response to this, AirBnB prepared to welcome people back by creating an “improved cleaning initiative”.

Gillian Hannay, Director of BNBhost, said: “Our properties receive exemplary marks for cleanliness, thanks to the high standards and professionalism of our in-house cleaning team.

“Last month Airbnb launched its Enhanced Cleaning Initiative for the Future of Travel. This protocol was developed by Airbnb and leading hospitality and medical hygiene experts, including former U.S. surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murphy.

“These recommendations include PPE for cleaners, disinfectants approved by regulatory authorities, and waiting periods between stays.

“We have fully implemented each of these directives. Our team of internal cleaning experts are currently performing extensive antibacterial cleanings as we prepare to welcome customers. They wear masks for the duration of the cleaning, and unlike a hotel, they are gone by the time the guests arrive. We have also ensured a full supply of cleaning supplies (including hand soap, dish soap and sanitizer spray) in each properly. ”

Take a look at some of the best properties currently available for a stay in Glasgow.

West End meows at home

This magnificent, award-winning architectural property is located in the west of the city.

It has an open plan living area and lots of privacy while still being within walking distance of all that Glasgowz has to offer.

It has enough space for eight bedrooms, which could be the perfect option for a family stay.

Penthouse Clydeside

A luxury penthouse located on the banks of the River Clyde, this property offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Situated on two floors, the property has plenty of space and space for four people.

It has an outdoor seating area on a sunny day, but there is plenty of indoor space in case the Glasgow rain makes an appearance.

Apartment Merchant City

This bright and modern apartment in Merchant City has enough room for five people and has the perfect feeling of city escape.

If you want to be a tourist in your own backyard, its location makes it the perfect option.

Charming apartment in the west

A beautiful period property which has been recently refurbished, it showcases Glasgow’s buildings – including stunning bay windows and high ceilings – with a modern touch.

Located in the park district next to Kelvingrove Park, it has plenty of space and can comfortably accommodate four people.

Colorful Clydeside Apartment

This Clydeside apartment is bursting with color and personality. With dark green walls, dark blue furnishings, and pops of bright colors, the property exudes a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Located at the west end, the apartment has one bedroom but can accommodate four people.

Penthouse apartment near the Hydro

This duplex penthouse by the River Clyde is a three minute walk from the Hydro and SEC and close to Finnieston.

The modern property features floor-to-ceiling glass panels and plenty of open plan spaces. It can accommodate six people.

Note: Some of the Airbnbs listed above may have common entry / exit points shared by other properties in the building. Please check the entire list and be considerate of neighbors when booking.

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