Airbnb’s global holiday ban will remain until the end of summer 2021

Airbnb has announced that its global holiday ban will remain until at least the end of summer 2021.

To prevent parties, the platform restricted gatherings of more than 16 people and removed the “event friendly” search filter and all “allowed parties and events” house rules from the listings.

The features will remain inaccessible at least until the end of summer 2021.

In the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Spain, Airbnb will continue to prohibit travelers under the age of 25 from booking entire listings in their region under certain circumstances.

In 2019, “party houses” were banned around the world. This included inscriptions that created frequent nuisances in the neighborhoods. A 24/7 neighborhood support hotline has also been launched in Canada and the United States so that Airbnb can communicate directly with neighbors.

These regulations were put in place along with other initiatives to stop unauthorized parties. The company has also started reviewing high-risk bookings and created restrictions to allow guests under the age of 25 without a history of positive reviews to book entire listings locally.

Airbnb updated its policies after the pandemic hit by removing both the “event-friendly” search filter and the “parties and events allowed” portion of the house rules from all listings.

They also introduced a new policy that requires all users to follow local COVID-19 public health mandates.

Because public health mandates on gatherings have changed in many jurisdictions since the start of the pandemic, some have decided to stay home and party, or rent an Airbnb.

“We believe that such conduct is incredibly irresponsible – we don’t want this type of business, and anyone who engages or authorizes this behavior is not on our platform,” Airbnb said in a statement.

“Based on these developments, instituting a global ban on parties and events is in the best interest of public health. “

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