Airbnbs in Tucson: Destinations to Stay

Since Airbnb launched in 2008, short-term rental homes have become a popular way to travel or take a vacation. Tucson has also become a popular travel destination, with its saguaro cacti and endless blue skies surrounded by mountains.

Among Tucson’s busy roads and vegetation are short-term rental properties, which provide safe and welcoming spaces for guests. The following Airbnb hosts have discussed their experiences renting local homes and detailed how important their location is to widely reviewed properties.


La Casta d’Agave

Airbnb host and Tucson native Teri Geunther owns property five miles north of the University of Arizona. After three years, 182 reviews and just below a five-star rating on the Airbnb app, Geunther said, “People book for the views and come back for the views.” His property, La Casita de Agave, sits on a hill overlooking both the city and the mountains and surrounded by the desert landscape of the Catalina foothills.

Hosting has become a full-time job for Geunther, who says her listing has been “completely successful and a bit of a surprise”. The house started as a renovation project. Then, the people who had come to redo the floor of the house nonchalantly recommended that Geunther rent it through Airbnb.

After the remodel, Guenther “took to the streets” to shop at garage sales and estate sales. “We found two lovely blue chairs… which sparked the whole design,” she said. After three years of since updated furniture and handcrafted kitchen cabinets, blue armchairs remain a staple of this classic style casita.

Cleanliness is something Guenther has been “super picky about,” even before the pandemic hit the United States in the spring of 2020. “I want [the guests] to think they are the first person to come in here,” she said. Guenther twice hired professional cleaners, but said they had “failed miserably”.

Providing toiletries, extra linens, fresh fruit and personalized surprises for guests, Guenther said, “accommodation is kind of my personality,” as someone whose lifelong dream was to own a bed and breakfast. -and-breakfast. Airbnb, which stands for “Air bed-and-breakfast,” gave Guenther this opportunity, minus breakfast in the morning.

Increasingly personalized, Diane Kramm, artist and mother of Teri Guenther, hand-painted rocks for each guest with their names and Southwestern landscapes.

Tucson Urban Southwest Adobe

Adam Lundquist, Realtor and Founder/Owner of Southwest Urban, handles general contracting and has taken over a rental property in Dunbar Springs as a “personal project”. With degrees in business management and regional development from the AU, Lundquist said that “per month, [a short-term rental] makes more rent. After renting properties to long-term tenants, Lundquist said Airbnb tenants are “higher quality” and take better care of the property.

The property was built in 1899 and still retains its white adobe frame. Lundquist renovated the space to make it more functional, while showcasing its charm and character.

In his work, Lundquist said he tries to use locally sourced or sustainable materials. In the case of this Airbnb, the renovation featured cork flooring throughout, using a renewable resource.

Lundquist described the adobe house as “cool and clean” with lots of natural light and decor that he says gives off a “Tucson vibe.” When Airbnb introduced its COVID-19 cleaning policies, Lundquist said it was “in a good place” because it had already followed many protocols, in addition to touchless keyboard access for travelers.

Beard and Braid: Desert Houses

On a journey of self-discovery, Erin Warren embarked on a cross-country van trip with her husband, Kassidy Warren. During this time, the married couple pondered ‘the idea of ​​providing cool homes in cool places’. Warren explained that on their trip, the van broke down in Tucson, which was not on their list of places to stop.

Being from the Pacific Northwest, Warren was blown away by the “magic” of Tucson. After moving to Tucson, the couple became Airbnb entrepreneurs, trading as After viewing about 30 homes in Tucson, the Warrens now rent two Tucson homes, a Tucson casita and a property in Cleveland, Ohio.

Even before their van adventure, the Warrens were renting out their spare bedroom in a condo in Kirkland, Washington. Warren said starting small on Airbnb served as “research, in a way,” as they were able to host, connect with travelers from around the world, and achieve what it takes to deliver a meaningful guest experience. .

Desert Vibrations, located in the foothills, encapsulates the natural beauty of the “Tucson Experience”. Through her interior design, Warren wanted to provide a warm and welcoming experience, while adding personal touches that she called “subtle southwestern.”

Desert Hues, ironically located in the eclectic downtown neighborhood of Sam Hughes, was inspired by the warm tones of Tucson’s desert sunsets. Featuring a newly remodeled pink-tiled bathroom, Warren described the interior design as “fun and fresh.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Warren has noticed that the way people travel has changed. Customers started booking longer trips, traveling with family and pets, or looking for a new space to work remotely. “People will always want to travel, it will just look a little different,” Warren said.

As 2020 has been a tough year for people around the world, travel has become a highlight of the year for many. Warren said that “especially during the pandemic,” hosting that provides guests with comfort has been a rewarding experience during what was otherwise such a trying year.

What rental home hosts Guenther, Lundquist, and Warren all have in common is a gratitude for the Airbnb hosting experience: nurturing creativity, finding joy in making guests happy, and doing what they can. to provide safe travel accommodation in the midst of a pandemic.

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