Alex Cole-Hamilton ‘definitely’ supports AirBnB crackdown – but not his

“Do the LibDems support the project to crack down on AirBnB-type rentals in the capital?” Alex Cole-Hamilton asked on Twitter in 2017.

“Certainly,” replied the Scottish leader of soon-to-be-crowned LibDem, “as far as the party’s flat variety is concerned.”

Why the warning? Does Cole-Hamilton just hate to see people having fun?

Maybe, but it seems he cannot unanimously support any “crackdown” on AirBnB-type rentals in Edinburgh without endangering one of his own sources of income.

As such and as a true politician, he added that “the whole must be carefully considered”.

It must be hard to survive on an MSP’s meager annual salary of £ 64,470, even with the taxpayer bearing over £ 20,000 of their expenses (in the year 2019-2020).

Maybe LibDem’s leading Scottish position will come with a pay rise?

Either way, the Edinburgh Western MSP makes between £ 5,000 and £ 10,000 a year by renting a jazzy shed in its back garden for £ 57 a night (service charge included).

This “newly built” offer is “totally private”, according to its AirBnB listing.

However, the photos provided appear to show that you can see directly into the MSP LibDem house (and vice versa) from the inside, so how “totally private” it is can be up for debate.

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Cole-Hamilton’s AirBnB profile also states that it only allows reservations when “I’m in the main house to meet guest needs” – bad news for anyone hoping for a relaxing city break without have to meet him.

The list also claims to sleep up to three people, provided one of them doesn’t mind being on an air bed on the floor. He also says that there are “no parties or events” allowed.

However, the space has rave reviews dating back to 2016 (is it five years ago ‘newly built’?) So it needs to be doing something right, which is a bit of a change for a Scottish LibDem.

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