Amazon could run out of American workers in two years, memo suggests

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Amazon could run out of American workers in two years, leaked memo says (Maria)

The author writing“Is Amazon about to run out of employees? According to a leaked internal memo, the retail logistics company fears it. “If we continue with business as usual, Amazon will exhaust the supply of workforce available in the U.S. grid by 2024,” said the research, first reported by Recode, declared. Amazon is right to be concerned: its employee turnover rate is astronomical. Before the pandemic, Amazon was losing about 3% of its workforce per week, or 150% per year. In contrast, the average annual turnover in transportation, warehousing and utilities was 49% in 2021 and in retail it was 64.6%, less than half of the turnover in 2021. Amazon business.

‘War fatigue’ may cause West to lose interest in supporting Ukraine: Sean

The author writing“As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its fourth month, officials in Kyiv have expressed concern that the specter of ‘war fatigue’ could erode the West’s resolve to help the countries to repel Moscow’s aggression. The United States and its allies have given billions of dollars in arms to Ukraine. Europe has taken in millions of people displaced by war. And there has been unity unprecedented in post-World War II Europe to impose sanctions on President Vladimir Putin and his country.But as the shock of the February 24 invasion wears off, analysts say the Kremlin could exploiting a protracted and entrenched conflict and possible waning interest among Western powers that could lead to pressure on Ukraine to find a settlement.

Immunologist fights COVID-19 with tweets and nasal spray (Sean)

Of Quanta Magazine“Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist who has become a lifeline for the worried and curious during the pandemic, thinks nasal spray vaccines may be the next needed breakthrough in our fight against the coronavirus.”

Stanford’s new school of sustainability is a giveaway for fossil fuel companies (Steve reader)

Of The nation“This summer, Stanford University will officially launch its new Doerr School of Sustainability with the help of a record $1.1 billion gift from John and Ann Doerr. According to the Doerrs, who amassed their wealth in venture capital, the new school reflects a “bold” commitment to tackling humanity’s greatest challenge.And yet, Stanford seems poised to replicate the mistakes of past climate research: inviting conflicts of interest by soliciting funding for fossil fuels, pretending to defend environmental justice and imposing a dated and narrow view of “objective” climate work.

Air pollution is worse for global lifespan than cigarettes or alcohol (Laura)

The author writing“Breathing is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. That’s according to the latest report from the University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute, which says air pollution is now reducing more the global average life expectancy by two years – more than cigarettes, alcohol or conflict and terrorism.The annual report, known as the Air Quality Index or AQLI, has been released [on June 14]. It found that particulate air pollution – a mixture of contaminants such as smoke, fumes, dust and pollen – remained high, even as the coronavirus pandemic slowed the global economy and brought blue skies to some. of the most polluted regions of the world.

“Wallets and Eyeballs”: How eBay Turned the Internet into a Marketplace (Howard)

Of The Guardian: “[Pierre] Omidyar loved this form of online living. He had been a dedicated Internet user since his undergraduate days and a participant in its various communities. He was now watching with some concern the increasing flow of dot-com money. Companies climbing the Internet saw people as nothing more than “wallets and eyeballs”, he later told a reporter. Their marketing efforts were not only crude and uncool, they also encouraged a zombie-like passivity – look here, click here, enter your credit card number here – that threatened the participatory nature of the internet that he knew .

Narcissistic bosses block the flow of knowledge, cooperation within organizations (Mili)

The author writing“Narcissism is a dominant trait among senior executives, and most people have seen evidence of it in their workplace. These people believe they have superior confidence, intelligence, and judgment, and will seize any opportunity. to reinforce these exaggerated opinions and gain admiration.According to new research from the University of Washington, narcissism can also create knowledge barriers within organizations.

Airbnb will pay you $100,000 to design and build a really, really weird house (Dana)

The author writing“Airbnb has been really leaning into the weirder side of its platform recently. Properties like this giant seashell-shaped house and this secluded cabin on stilts are now easier to find than ever thanks to its new filter system. , which lets you search by categories like “island,” “windmill,” or “OMG!” And now the company is even giving away big bucks for people who want to create their own epic rentals. you’ve already thought about becoming a host, now is the time.You will receive a lump sum of $100,000 (£81,000) from a dedicated fund of $10m (£8.13m), set aside place to help you create the most ridiculous home imaginable.

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