American tourist Jacob Lopez claims transgender Airbnb host in Madrid sexually assaulted him

US tourist claims he was held captive and sexually assaulted by transgender host Airbnb in Spain

  • Jacob Lopez, 19, claims the assault happened on July 4 in Madrid, Spain
  • It was hosted by someone who was born a man but lives as a woman
  • Host claims he pressured him to engage in sex or face consequences
  • The host was believed to have a gun, so Lopez “chose not to try to fight his way”
  • Host claimed that what happened was consensual and that Lopez was transphobic
  • Her mother couldn’t get Airbnb’s address or contact the police
  • An Airbnb spokesperson told Mail Online: “Even one incident is too many”

An American from Massachusetts has claimed to be sexually assaulted by his transgender host Airbnb while traveling in Spain and locked inside the host’s fourth-floor apartment in Madrid.

Jacob Lopez, 19, reportedly started texting his mother on July 4 and asking for her help.

In a series of messages, Lopez reported that his host, who was born a man but lives as a woman, had locked him in the apartment and begged him to engage in a sexual act or suffer the consequences.

Jacob Lopez, 19, claims he was sexually assaulted by his transgender host Airbnb while traveling in Madrid, Spain

The host began “shaking knives in the kitchen drawer” after “ordering him to take off his pants” and threatening Lopez to sleep on the street without his things, the New York Times reported.

Fearing the host had a gun and couldn’t leave, Lopez “chose not to try to fight his way” and then told his mother he “was sexually assaulted that night -the”.

Lopez said: “I was thinking I was going to have to kill her or she was going to kill me.”

The alleged abuser ultimately let Lopez go after telling him he was supposed to meet friends who knew where he was staying and that they would come and pick him up if he didn’t show up.

The host claimed that everything that had happened was consensual and said Lopez was transphobic.

The version of the event described by Lopez matched the account he gave to the Madrid police.

During the incident, Giles was unable to get help for her son as she did not know the address of the apartment and Airbnb employees were unwilling to release this information.

Instead of contacting the police directly, the employees gave him a number to call that didn’t work and the end result was that no one came to Lopez’s aid.

Nick Papas, an Airbnb spokesperson, told Mail Online: “While the issue of sexual assault is a global challenge – and different laws in different countries affect what a web platform can do to help – there is nothing more important to us than the safety of our community.

“The weekend this happened, more than 800,000 people stayed on Airbnb worldwide and 70,000 on Airbnb in Spain.

“But even one incident is one too many, and while no industry has a 100% safety record, that’s what we’re looking for.

“This situation was unique. We realize that we can learn a lot from this incident and that we can do better.

“We are clarifying our policies so that our team always contacts law enforcement if we are made aware of an ongoing emergency.

“Safety is our number one priority and we want to get as much help as possible from our hosts and guests. ”

The Airbnb listing that led to Lopez’s alleged ordeal has been removed from the website.


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