Americans can travel to Europe again. Here’s how to get around.

Europe has finally opened its doors to American tourists for the first time since March 2020. But how hard is it to get there and once you land how do you cross the continent’s many borders? Will the California digital vaccination record make it easier for you to carry out Covid-19 checks in Paris? Will the New York Excelsior Pass give you preferential treatment in Rome?

Before you pull out the passport and search for a ticket, here are some things to consider when planning a trip to Europe this summer.

With the coronavirus still circulating, traveling this year will be unlike anything we’ve seen in the past. You will need to do more planning than usual, as the rules may vary from country to country, even within the European Union. If you don’t usually buy travel insurance, you might want to reconsider this year. A last-minute positive Covid-19 test for an unvaccinated youth, or even a vaccinated adult, could result in the loss of thousands of dollars on tickets and hotel reservations.

Infection rates in most mainland European countries have remained relatively low in recent weeks, although the Delta variant is gaining ground and sowing uncertainty, thwarting growing optimism until recently for the summer tourist season. and the economy in general.

All the unknowns are causing some Americans to rearrange their travel plans while still looking for a way to get to Europe this summer.

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