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As is frequently discussed on Archinect, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the already burgeoning trend of companies offering remote work options to employees. In our recent survey of the architectural community’s plans to return to offices after the pandemic, only 29% of respondents said their company had asked all staff to return to studio work. Architects are not the only profession likely to see long-term attitude changes regarding clerical employment. In May of this year, United States today reports on an investigation which found that 30% of working professionals would quit their jobs if forced to return to the office after the pandemic.

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The forced remote work experience witnessed by millions of people over the past 18 months can also have consequences far beyond the workplace. As the common link between personal identity and occupation in the workplace was severed during the pandemic, many people began to reassess more fundamental aspects of their lives. This saw results such as a Pew Research study earlier this year, which noted that a full 66% of unemployed Americans were planning to change line of work, or the 14 to 23 million Americans who separately expressed their intention to move away from major cities, accounting for 7% to 11.5% of all American households.

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This ever-increasing social transience, whether for the work of life, fueled new architectural typologies long before the pandemic, which are doomed to experience a new boom in the years to come. Companies such as Airbnb, WeWork, and Second Home have often made architectural media headlines for their distinct approaches to briefs, space, and usage requirements. These can range from WeWork’s recent plans for a post-pandemic return to Airbnb’s $ 1 million fund to realize some of the world’s most unique home ideas to the unveiling of Second Home of their colorful Los Angeles campus. Angeles by Selgascano.

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This growing change in work and life trends brings new opportunities for architects. Last week, as part of our ongoing jobs highlights series, we featured US-based workspace provider Industrious, who is (still) looking for a design manager and chef. project to help it maintain and develop its portfolio of 100 coworking spaces in more than 50 American cities. This week we are focusing on Soho House, the well-known operator of member clubs, restaurants, hotels and cinemas in the United States, Europe and Asia, which caters to film professionals, media, fashion and creative industries. .

180 House on the Strand in London. Image © Soho House

The London-born initiative is currently recruiting several positions on Archinect Jobs in New York and Los Angeles. In New York, the company is looking for a senior architect, a mid-level architect and a mid-level interior designer, while in Los Angeles, it is looking for a mid-level architect, a senior interior designer and a mid-level interior designer. . Responsibilities across architectural roles include delivering projects from design to specification and construction, and support business expansion into the UK, US, Canada, Europe and in Asia. All positions are full time with an obligation to travel.

180 House (roof) on the Strand in London. Image © Soho House

Since its founding in 1995, the company has articulated a defined architectural style by adaptively reusing old buildings with a contemporary, laid-back touch familiar to many coworking and coliving providers. These include a Georgian house in London’s Soho, which inspired the company’s name, a Grade II protected Georgian mansion in rural England, and a former warehouse in the Meatpacking District. from New York. Notable adaptations to some of the company’s 27 properties include rooftop pools in London and New York City, and a Cowshed spa on the grounds of their rural English mansion.

As part of the Archinect Job Highlights series, we recently featured an opportunity to work as a 3D Visualization Designer at Red Leaf, Project Manager or Design Manager at Industrious, or Designer of store at Starbucks.

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