Amsterdam adopts new measures to fight mass tourism: Dancing Astronaut

Those traveling to Amsterdam may soon find the search for accommodation much more limited than in previous years, as the Dutch capital government begins to take action against mass tourism in an effort to improve the quality of residential life. in the city.

The Amsterdam government will start by increasing its tourist tax, an increase that will increase by 105 million euros each year by 2022. As taxes skyrocket, the number of Airbnb rentals available in the short term is expected to decrease in the city’s tourist hubs, given the government’s move towards a complete ban on such rentals. Led by a coalition of four parties that collectively aspire to become the city’s “new government”, restrictions will also extend to beer bikes, Segways and boat trips. Boats will now have to dock outside the city center. All tour guides organizing boat trips outside the Red Light District will also need to acquire a permit to do so.

“We have to make sure that the city remains livable for all residents,” said Yvette Hofman, member of the left-wing Green Party GroenLinks. “This is a topic that really matters to residents, who have felt attacked by the increase in crowds, in part because of Airbnb and illegal hotels. They complained that they no longer knew their neighbors and [a tourist] monoculture in the center. It is a question of balance.

Amsterdam is a popular destination for dance music fans, who flock to the city for the capital’s famous Amsterdam Dance Event.

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