Amsterdam increases tourist taxes for hotels, Airbnb, camping

Visitors to Amsterdam will now pay more for overnight stays in hotels, for Airbnb rentals, and even for camping in the Dutch city.

This will cost visitors an additional 3 euros ($ 3.37) per night at hotels and short-term rentals, on top of an existing 7% tax. Campers will pay an additional euro ($ 1.12) per night.

Amsterdam ranks among the popular tourist destinations that have many more visitors than people. It already had one of the highest tourist taxes in Europe.

It is not the only city that tries to manage its tourism demand by charging visitors.

On July 1, visitors to Venice, Italy will also pay more to visit, even for just one day. Tourists will pay 10 euros ($ 11.22) during peak periods and 3 euros during off-peak periods. Visitors who stay overnight already pay a tourist tax.

Entire countries have also adopted tourist taxes.

A year ago, Japan began charging international tourists a 1000 yen ($ 9.21) “sayonara” tax to leave the country. This tax is intended to fund improvements to infrastructure and public services ahead of this year’s Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

New Zealand started charging visitors NZ $ 35 ($ 23.53) last year to pay for infrastructure improvements. Australians are exempt from fees.

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