Amsterdam to appeal Airbnb ad decision

Netherlands: Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, has announced that it will appeal a recent court ruling to end its ban on Airbnb ads in three neighborhoods.

Gastvrij Amsterdam, an interest group of vacation renters and short-term rental owners, took the case to court earlier this month and managed to end the ban. The municipality of Amsterdam has, however, announced its intention to appeal the lifting of the ban before the start of summer travel.

Originally, the ban was based on the Housing Act, but the recent court ruling found that the law was unable to create targeted bans against tourist apartment rentals in the area.

The previous ban applied to the neighborhoods of Burgwallen-Oude Zijde, Burgwallen-Nieuwe Zijde and Grachtengordel-Zuid, and was put in place after residents reported that short-term rentals in their neighborhoods significantly affected their ability to live in areas.

Even with the ban lifted, Amsterdam residents will have the option to regulate vacation rentals in their neighborhoods. According to the decision, citizens will retain the ability to regulate the duration of renting an apartment, as well as the number of guests that can stay.

Concerns about excessive tourism and disruptive tenants in Amsterdam have been significant issues for residents for many years. As short-term rentals become more popular and preferred for post-pandemic summer travel, the city hopes the call will put in place clear and effective policies to regulate how tourism affects their neighborhoods.

Laurens Ivens, deputy mayor of Amsterdam, said legal clarity is needed on the issue, and aims to achieve this through the city’s recent appeal.

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