Amsterdam will be the most taxed European city in terms of tourist tax

Netherlands: Amsterdam is set to impose a tax on travelers staying in Airbnb rentals, a move that would make the Dutch capital the most heavily taxed European city on tourism, according to The Telegraph.

The implementation of the tax is the city’s latest attempt to tackle overtourism, given the proliferation of top-price rentals in the capital and the reduced availability of housing in the city center.

This means that from January foreign visitors will be charged € 3 (£ 2.66) per person per night to stay in a hotel, on top of the current seven percent of the room rate. Additionally, foreign tourists staying in Airbnbs will pay a premium rate of ten percent per night.

Tourist rates in cities are calculated differently across Europe, with some opting for fixed rates per night and others charging fees based on the number of stars assigned to hotels. At the current rate, a £ 300 a night hotel in Amsterdam would incur a tourist tax of € 24 (£ 21.25).

In addition to the tax, the city charges € 8 per person for visitors staying a day or less on cruise ships in the port, and institutes a ban on opening new hotels in the center and visits to red light districts. .

The Amsterdam Tourist Board announced in a strategic document: “To control the flow of visitors and take advantage of the opportunities that tourism brings, we must act now. Instead of promoting destinations, now is the time for destination management.

The document also predicts growth in the number of tourists visiting the Netherlands by up to 50% over the next decade, reaching 29 million visitors.

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