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Martello Technologies Group share was C $ 0.16 and peaked C $ 0.16 for four days before dropping C $ 0.17, dropping 17% in just three days . Martello Technologies Group has been stable for two days. The current share price is C $ 0.1400.
The company’s investment in DEM will increase Microsoft’s revenue and number of users on the Martello platform. One of these investments was in GSX Participations SA (“GSX”), a Microsoft 365-focused DEM service provider. In order to focus its efforts on DEM and reduce operating losses, the company decided to close the Network Performance Management (“NPM”) section.

Martello had a significant opportunity to increase revenue for Microsoft DEM. Martello expects to increase its monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and the number of Microsoft users on its DEM platform in fiscal year 22. Martello continues the plan it set out at the end of the fiscal year 21, achieving key goals on time, according to John Proctor, President and CEO of Martello. We remain focused on these goals and expect the current run to drive growth for MRR and Microsoft DEM users in the second half of fiscal 22.

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