Anfisa Nava announces the start of a new chapter in her life

Anfisa Arkhipchenko surprised fans by revealing her exciting new move on Instagram. The 90 Day Fiancé star recently moved to a new city.

Old 90 day fiancé Star Anfisa Arkhipchenko has started an exciting new chapter in her life after her divorce from Jorge Nava. During her time on the TLC show, Anfisa’s tantrums and gold digger mannerisms didn’t really earn her fan praise. In the midst of his hectic married life, Jorge was also arrested and jailed. But Anfisa, who soon broke up with Jorge, took advantage of this time apart to improve. Fans saw the 90 day fiancé the villain’s true personality is reflected as she went to school and focused on her physical form.

One of the most talked about actors, even years after he left 90 day fiancé, Anfisa and Jorge were often at each other’s throats. While Jorge wasn’t exactly the best husband in the franchise, Anfisa earned the bully label. Yet the Anfisa of 2021 bears no resemblance to the Anfisa which was infamous for its sharp tongue and straightforwardness. She has achieved many feats so far and has managed to stay clear of any controversy. In fact, she’s winning bodybuilding medals, good grades, lots of money, and definitely accolades.

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I moved to San Diego!Anfisa wrote in his latest Instagram post. It had been five years since the Russian beauty moved to America in 2016 and since then she has resided in Irvine. “I went through a lot of good, bad and ugly …,“Anfisa confessed as she decided that this year it was finally time for a change, perhaps after watching Jorge start his new family. As she revealed more about it”Next chapterIn her lifetime, Anfisa recounted visiting her friend Emily in July when she was considering moving to Dallas. “But I changed my mind mainly because of the uncertainty”, Added Anfisa. She still didn’t know if her university would be offering classes online or if she would want her to come back to campus.

A long-distance move also seemed to be ”rather scary”For Anfisa who is currently studying business administration at the University of California, Irvine. “As much as I enjoyed visiting Dallas, I don’t think I’m ready for such a drastic changeJorge’s ex-wife admitted. “My other option was San Diego. After spending 3 amazing weekends there and finding a perfect ?? apartmentshared Anfisa, who was recently linked with Andy Kunz. Anfisa is currently staying at an Airbnb as her new apartment to get ready by Friday. She looks forward to moving all of her things and sharing more of her adventures in San Diego with his fans.

Before starting to attend UC Irvine, Anfisa enrolled in community college with the goal of earning an associate’s degree in business administration. Community college was a great experience for Anfisa and her GPA was 4.0. The straight-A student wants to own a hedge fund in the future. And until then, she’s making money through social media efforts and online training programs. Following her 90 day fiancé celebrity, Anfisa proves that she is successfully living her American dream.

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