“Another thing to be paranoid about”

If you are not already inspecting your hotel room or Airbnb before you settle in you might want to get started.

Airbnb regulations requiring hosts to notify guests of the location of cameras, but if those hosts had sinister intentions from the start, breaking the rules wouldn’t make much of a difference, because various cases have proven themselves in the past. The same goes for many hotels.

Former hacker Marcus Hutchins (@malwaretech) shared a video with his TIC Tac followers in which he demonstrated how to use your own spy skills to find hidden cameras in a rented room.

He recommended looking for devices “conveniently placed where a climbing plant would like to look” first, and then pointed to places where people move and often sleep.

“Take that fire alarm, for example. It is placed just above the bed. One way to see if the device is a camera is to illuminate it with a bright light, ”he explained. “If you hit the lens of a camera, you’ll get a bluish sheen. You can now test this by lighting your telephone and see what the camera looks like when placed under a flashlight.

Items such as alarm clocks and USB chargers could also contain small hidden cameras, Hutchins said. Mirrors too.

He issued a final warning to be on the lookout for tiny cameras that “can be hidden in anything, even in a hole in the wall.”

The video has since racked up more than 20 million views and 17,000 comments. Other TIC Tac users were severely disturbed.

“Fantastic, another thing to be paranoid about”, said one.

“Another reason to never leave my lodge, ” another wrote.

In a comment, Hutchins clarified that finding a camera in your Airbnb or hotel is “quite rare, but it does happen sometimes”.

The next time you stay away from residence, fear not – just be vigilant and keep this flashlight handy.

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