Anthony Bourdain Day: Chef’s notes on Glasgow and what the TV star said about ‘one of my favorite cities’

June 25 marks Anthony Bourdain Day, a celebration of the legendary chef, author, traveler and presenter who sadly passed away too soon, in June 2018.

This Saturday, the globally revered and incredibly likeable culinary personality, who brought the tastes of many dinner tables to our TV screens thanks to her CNN travel series, would have turned 66.

Touching every corner of the globe, Bourdain included Glasgow on his travel list, making a number of stops in the city.

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In 2015 Scotland was the subject of an episode of Parts Unknown and the American visited the infamous Old College Bar, Rogano, Mother India and the famous University Cafe.

Bourdain was so impressed with his experiences of Glasgow that his ‘field notes’ of his travels here reveal it as ‘one of his favorite cities on earth’.

Anthony Bourdain at the University Café

Posted on explorepartsunknown, the Glasgow chef’s ‘behind the scenes’ description speaks of our city as a place ‘for a beer and a beating’.

Here’s what he said: “Glasgow is one of my favorite cities on earth. I was going to say one of my favorite cities in Europe, but is Glasgow Europe? I don’t think so. C is a bit older than that.

“For many outsiders, Glasgow is seen as a difficult, even scary place, a place where history has drifted away. But there is certainly a feeling here that something different is on our doorstep. There has a terrific music scene in Glasgow. The pubs are some of the best in the world. It is said that Glasgow residents have more fun at a funeral than Edinburgh residents at a wedding. in time, to a healthy dose of stubborn behavior.If you’re looking for a beer and a beating, Glasgow will be happy to provide it.

Members of the public enjoy their first drink at a beer garden at SWG3 on July 06, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland.  Beer gardens across Scotland are allowed to reopen today as coronavirus lockdown restrictions are further eased in the country

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“Like many cities, Glasgow is divided. The River Clyde divides the north and south sides. But the biggest and most tangible separation is between east and west. In the west things should be nice: nice cars, nice families, all the good things that wealth is supposed to bring. In the east, that’s where you grow up hard; where things are harder; where you must, according to legend , you fight for a living every day. Heading north from Glasgow, Scotland, quickly becomes something else – a wildly beautiful, harsh, yet utterly mesmerizing landscape that looks like it hasn’t changed at all for thousands, if not millions of years.”

And if you haven’t seen Bourdain’s tour of Glasgow and Scotland, you can watch the full episode on YouTube, here. To see his full field notes on his trip to Scotland, you can visit explorepartsunknown here.


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