Apple Maps shows the closest TechCrunch bike stations

Apple has signed a partnership with Ito’s world to add bike sharing data on Apple Maps in more than 175 cities in 36 countries. This feature is now available and helps you find the nearest station by typing “bike sharing” in the search bar or the name of the service.

Once again, Apple has chosen to integrate an existing dataset rather than collecting this data in-house. Ito World has worked with dozens of companies to license and standardize bike sharing data. Thus, Apple only needs to integrate one data model to support hundreds of bike sharing services.

Apple doesn’t start from scratch as the company has already integrated some bike sharing data in several cities. But that’s a big improvement over the existing data.

Apple Maps doesn’t report the number of available bikes or empty docks. Hopefully the company will add this in an upcoming update. It only provides the address, name and contact information of the service, so this feature is not a substitute for more advanced local user applications.

But it can be very handy if you are traveling to a different city and want to cycle. Since the name of the service is different in every city, you often find your way to Google when looking for local bike sharing services.

With this update you can enter “bike sharing” in any city and find the name of the service and the location of the nearest station. It does not inform whether the startup runs a bicycle sharing service in this city without docks. So you have to open the Mobike, Ofo or oBike app yourself.

Apple Maps supports Citi Bike in New York, Ford GoBike in San Francisco, BIKETOWN in Portland, Santander Cycles in London, Biking in Barcelona, ​​BIXI in Montreal, CityCycle in Brisbane, nextbike in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, UK and dozens other. I have tried to look for stations in smaller cities and it also works in European cities with hundreds of thousands of people.

Apple is slowly adding more data to Apple Maps to keep it relevant to Google Maps. The app now supports airport and mall maps, lane guidance, public transportation, electric vehicle charging stations and more. Your mileage may vary, but Apple Maps may now be a good fit for your area.

Update: Here is the full list of supported services. It represents a total of 176 services in 179 cities.


Brisbane (CityCycle)
Monash University (Monash Bikeshare)

New Zealand
Auckland (another Auckland bike)
Christchurch (another Christchurch bike)


10vorWien (next 10vorWien bike)
Amstetten (another Amstetten bike)
Innsbruck (stadtrad Innsbruck)
Klagenfurt (another Klagenfurt bike)
Lunz am See (another Lunz am See bike)
Mödling (another Mödling bike)
NeusiedlerSee (another Neusiedler See bike)
Römerland (another Römerland bike)
Serfaus (another Serfaus bike)
St. Pölten (another St. Polten bike)
Thermenregion (next Thermen bike region)
Traisen-Gölsental (another Traisen-Gölsental bike)
Triestingtal (Triestingtal’s next bike)
Tulln (another Tulln bike)
Unteres Traisental (another Unteres Traisental bike)
Vienna (Wien city bike)
Wiener Neustadt (another Wiener Neustadt bike)
Wiener Wald (another Wiener Wald bike)

Antwerp (A velo)
Brussels (Villo!)
Namur (Li bia velo)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo (another BiH bike)

Brinje (another Brinje bike)
Gospić (another Gospić bike)
Ivanic Grad (another Ivanic Grad bike)
Karlovac (another Karlovac bike)
Makarska (another Makars bike)
Šibenik (another Sibenik bike)
Zadar (next Zadar bike)
Zagreb (another Zagreb bike)

Limassol (another Limassol bike)

Tallinn (SIXT Tallinn)

Helsinki (Alepa Fillari)

Amiens (Velam)
Besançon (Vélocité Besançon)
Cergy-Pontoise (VélO2)
Créteil (Krystolib)
Lille (V Lille)
Lyon (Vélo’V)
Marseille (le vélo)
Mulhouse (Vélocité Mulhouse)
Nancy (vélOstan’lib)
Nantes (Bicloo)
Paris (Velib)
Rouen (recurring)
Toulouse (Vélô Toulouse)

Augsburg (swa Rad Augsburg)
Bensheim (VRNnextbike Bensheim)
Berlin (another Berlin bike)
Bochum (metropolradruhr Bochum)
Bottrop (metropolradruhr Bottrop)
Cologne (KVB rad)
Dortmund (metropolradruhr Dortmund)
Dresden (sz-bike)
Duisburg (Metropolradruhr Duisburg)
Düsseldorf (another Dusseldorf bike)
Essen (metropolradruhr Essen)
Flensburg (another Flensburg bike)
Frankfurt (another bike in Frankfurt)
Gelsenkirchen (metropolradruhr Gelsenkirchen)
Gütersloh (another Gutersloh bike)
Hamburg (another Hamburg bike)
Hamm (metropolradruhr Hamm)
Heidelberg (VRNnextbike Heidelberg)
Herne (metropolradruhr Herne)
Karlsruhe (Fächerrad)
Leipzig (Leipzig’s next bike)
Ludwigshafen (VRNnextbike Ludwigshafen)
Magdeburg (another Magdeburg bike)
Mannheim (VRNnextbike Mannheim)
Mülheim adR (metropolradruhr Muelheim)
Munich (Munich’s next bike)
Norderstedt (another Norderstedt bike)
Nuremberg (NorisBike)
Oberhausen (metropolradruhr Oberhausen)
Offenburg (another Offenburg)
Potsdam (Potsdam’s next bike)
Quickborn (another Quickborn bike)
Schorndorf (Schorndorf bike station)
Schwieberdingen (e Schwieberdingen bike station)
Speyer (VRNnextbike Speyer)
Südheide (another Südheide bike)
Tübingen (another Tübingen bike)
Usedom (useDomraD)
Wachau (another Wachau bike)
Würzburg (another Würzburg bike)

Budapest (bubi)

Cork (Coca-Cola zero Cork)
Dublin (dublinki)
Galway (Coca-Cola zero Galway)
Limerick (Coca-Cola zero Limerick)

Jurmala (SIXT Jurmala)
Riga (SiXT Riga)

Byblos (Bike 4 All Byblos)

Vilnius (Cyclocity)

Luxembourg (Welo)

Malta (another Malta bike)

the Netherlands
Maastricht (another Maastricht bike)

Lillestrøm (Bysykkel)
Oslo (Oslo city bike)

Białystok (BiKeR)
Gliwice (GliwiceMiejski Bike)
Grodzisk Mazowiecki (Grodzisk City Bike)
Katowice (CityBike)
Konstancin Jeziorna (Konstancin City Bike)
Lodz (Lodz Public Bike)
Lublin (Lublin City Bike Lublin)
Michałowice (Commune rowing machine)
Opole (another Opole bike)
Poznań (Poznań City Bike)
Radom (Radom City Bike)
Warsaw (VETURILO Sponsorship Stations)
Świdnik (Lublin City Bike Świdnik)
Szczecin (Bike_s Szczecin)
Warsaw (Veturilo)
Wroclaw (Wroclaw City Bike)

Kazan (Welijk)

Ljubljana (Bicikelj)

Barcelona (bike)
Seville (SEVici)
Valencia (Valenbisi)
Zaragoza (Bizi Zaragoza)

Gothenburg (Styr and Ställ)
Lund (Lundahoj)

Hergiswil (another Hergiswil bike)
Lucerne (another Lucerne bike)
Racks (further bicycle racks)
Stansstad (another Stansstad bike)
Sursee (Sursee’s next bike)

Konya (another Konya bike)
Seferihisar (Karbis)

Lviv (nexbike Lviv)

United Kingdom
Bathing (another bicycle bath)
Belfast (Coca-Cola Zero Belfast bikes)
Exeter (bikes together)
Glasgow (another Glasgow bike)
London (Santander Bikes)
Milton Keynes (Santander Cycles MK)
Stirling (another Stirling bike)
Warwick University (UniCycles)

North America:

Hamilton (sobi Hamilton)
Montreal (BIXI)

Atlanta (relay)
Boise (Boise Greenbike)
Boston (node)
Buffalo (REDDY bike)
Charlottesville (UBike)
Chicago (Divvy)
Columbus, Ohio (CoGo bike sharing)
Hoboken (Hudson Bike Share)
Kent State University (Flashfleet)
Ketchum / Sun Valley (MR BIKE SHARE)
Long Beach (sobi LONG BEACH)
New York (city bike)
Phoenix (GR: D)
Pittsburgh (healthy driving)
Portland (BIKETOWN)
San Francisco Bay Area (Ford GoBike)
San Ramon (BRiteBikes)
St Paul (NICE RIDE Minnesota)
Topeka (Topeka Metro Bikes)
Washington (bicycle capital)
West Palm Beach (SKYBIKE)
Tampa, Saint Petersburg and USF (coast)
Orlando (Juice)
Santa Monica (Breeze Bike Share)

Middle East / Asia:

Bhopal (chartered Bhopal bike)

Kuwait (ByKy Kuwait)

Saudi Arabia
King Abdullah’s Economic City (I-Bike)

Dubai (Byky Dubai)
Al Ain (Byky Al Ain)

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