Application-Based Lawn Care Company GreenPal Comes to Tampa Bay

CLEARWATER, Fla – Travis Hott watches Brian Stephens of lawn care company Sunup to Sundown slide across the yard on top of a zero-turn mower and smiles.

“He really does a great job,” Hott says.

What would you like to know

  • GreenPall smartphone app connects customers with lawn care companies

  • Service is currently available through Tampa Bay

  • All GreenPal suppliers are fully vetted

Hott found Stephens through a phone app called GreenPal which slowly deployed in the Tampa Bay area. The app matches users looking for someone to mow their lawn with local businesses, much like an Uber for your lawn mowing needs.

The startup started in Tennessee in 2015 and is now present in more than 200 markets nationwide. Co-founder Gene Caballero says that since the company has been self-funded, its expansion has been gradual, starting in the suburbs of major metropolitan areas and feeling the demand.

“I have worked in the landscaping industry all of my life,” says Caballero. “I did this in high school and college and it was my first job after college. And my territory was the West Coast, so I was on top of new tech like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb when they came out, and I just knew that, you know, if people were willing to call a stranger to come and pick them up. , at one point, they would do the same with lawn care.

The operation of the application is simple. After downloading it, users create an account. Then they enter information such as their location, how long their lawn has been mowed, when they want maintenance, and the level of service they want (‘drop it’, ‘I like it the lawn clean ”,“ I want it to be perfect ”). The app sends the information to fully vetted vendors in the user’s area who work with GreenPal, and interested vendors respond with their price offers.

“It has helped my business immensely,” Stephens says. “I have almost 80 clients through the GreenPal app alone. “

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, GreenPal offers the benefit of not having to deal face-to-face with contractors and no need for money to physically change hands. Customers don’t even have to be home when their lawns are tended – the salesperson sends them photos of the job being done.

“It’s very convenient,” Hott says. “I send all my [real estate] customers in their own way.

Here are some videos to get a quick overview of the application:

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