Ashley Williams has lived a ‘nomadic’ life since the pandemic

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Ashley Williams from her movie Love on a Limb.

The pandemic has changed the lives of many people a lot, and among them is Hallmark star Ashley Williams. She recently revealed on Instagram that she was leading a nomadic lifestyle last year, having left home to direct a film in Canada just before the pandemic.

She has lived in 10 Airbnbs since leaving to direct a film in Canada before the pandemic

Williams shared that she really misses New York, but she’s also enjoying her year-long adventure in Canada.

She wrote: “Today marks a year since I left home and came to Canada to make a film. I haven’t been back since. The world has collapsed. Crashed with family, hotels, probably ten different @Airbnb. This masked nomadic life is colorful, strange and inspiring. I miss New York. I miss my beloved neighbor @mandermeln. I miss the metro. I can’t wait to return to the United States, but I am infinitely grateful for the health of my family and all that Canada has done for us. #adventure”

Some fans have asked her if she is there with her husband, and Williams had revealed in a previous email that yes, she was. Williams’ husband Neal Dodson is a producer and actor. He and Williams have been married since 2011 and have two children, according to IMDb.

Her babysitter had an Epi-Pen emergency recently

On February 14, she shared that she and Dodson first met while he was an assistant and she was on a TV show. “Now we have two kids and live in an @airbnb in Canada,” she explained.

Apparently, they had the whole adventure. Dodson responded in a response, “Never a dull moment. And never more true than when you stabbed our babysitter in the leg with a spike pen on Friday afternoon before driving her to the ER while I grabbed the boys and we ordered lessons while they watched Monsters Inc As you do most Pandemic Fridays. I love you, Smash.


Williams confirmed that what he wrote was true.

On December 15, she shared that they had a babysitter as part of their COVID-19 bubble, and she and Dodson were going on a date to get some tacos to go.

She wrote: “Friday night @ nealdodson17 and I hired a babysitter that we bubble up with and grab some tacos to go and went to the beach to eat them in the car. It was the best. Then I made this video to her of my dance party for someone with no music from the fancy bathroom where we made a quick stop. Hope you will feel this happy at some point today. 😆😆 # Fridaynight #danceparty #datenight ”

Some days have not been easy for her. On November 12, she shared that she had to cry healthily a few weeks before her pandemic birthday.

Williams and her sister, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, are working on a two-part film titled Christmas at Madison. The film was announced last July by The Hallmark Channel, but no release date has yet been set.

In 2020 she starred in Hallmark’s Never kiss a man with a Christmas sweater and in Christmas in Evergreen: the bells are ringing.

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