Atlantis Dubai launches the Atlantis Atlas project

Atlantis Dubai, the legendary ocean-themed destination located on the Persian Gulf Sea and home to 65,000 aquatic animals, has just launched its revolutionary new sustainability project, aka the Atlantis Atlas Project.

This will be the foundation of all its sustainability bond, and there will be something for every guest and visitor to embark on responsible tourism.

Staying here means eating a variety of sustainable, local and organic dishes that have been cultivated in Dubai. For example, the locally made burrata, the exclusive and crispy locally produced shiitake mushrooms or the certified organic, sustainably grown and locally grown salmon carpaccio.

Planned to increase the sustainability quotient not only within Atlantis Dubai, but across the industry as a whole, the project has a sustainable roadmap for green and responsible tourism with learning as a basis.

For each experience reserved for marine animals, $ 1 will be donated to conservation, sustainability and environmental education initiatives. These will be chosen twice a year as part of the Atlantis Atlas project to exert a quantifiable influence on the natural world. Atlantis Dubai is one of only three hotels and resorts in the Middle East to have achieved the coveted Earth Check Silver certification, identifying its green standards and strategies.

Evaluated annually to maintain this level of approval, Atlantis Dubai constantly strives to become a more capable, successful and reliable organization.

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