Autumn is coming! Here are some destinations to discover this season

Love it, love it or hate it, summer is coming to an end and autumn will soon be knocking at the door. But don’t despair. It is generally a pleasant season, with temperatures mild enough to allow you to wear shorts and t-shirts at least during the day. What comes to mind at this time of year? Red, yellow and orange leaves falling. Shorter days. Hoodies. Halloween. Even if you’re a hot weather fan, it seems tolerable, right?

Depending on the type of traveler you are, here are some destinations to consider this fall.

The hiker

Trek is a fantastic year-round activity and there are so many places to do it in the United States.

As Conde Nast Traveler note, “the temperature is perfect, the leaves are changing, and as the foliage falls, you get unobstructed views of the American countryside – from its majestic lakes to forest-covered ridges – while enjoying a healthy dose of air costs.”

If you need a few hours break from the hustle and bustle of the city, drive or take the subway north from New York to Cold Spring. The Daredevil Ridge loop leads to Mount Beacon, the highest peak in the Hudson River Valley. It’s not for fools, that’s for sure, but the views at the very top are worth the trek.

You can also experience Whiteside Mountain in North Carolina, Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, and the red rock formations of Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona.

Canada offers a wealth of hiking opportunities, especially in British Columbia and Alberta.

The biker

Whether you like flat roads or inclines that will make your legs scream, there are plenty of options.

Looking for something flat? The trail along the Hudson River in New York is split for runners/walkers and cyclists. You can start in the Bronx and go down to the southern tip of Manhattan.

Other than New York, other cities that rank high for this activity are Portland, Chicago, and San Francisco.

In Europe, the Spanish island of Mallorca is attracting the attention of casual and seasoned cyclists.

Another great site is the Algarve in Portugal, not to mention the legendary French Alps and historic Austria.

Last but not least, there is the Netherlands, more precisely Amsterdam. You will find more bicycles on the road than cars!

The Romantic

When the sun goes down and it’s chilly in the air, it’s the perfect time to cuddle up.

You can rent an AirBnB like those listed hereand take in forest views from your own terrace.

Fancy a little more action? Hey, action can be romantic. The sweltering heat of New Orleans tends to subside in the fall. There’s the beautiful architecture, the spontaneous music in the streets, and the tasty food.

Want to step away from the grid a bit? Discover Jekyll Island off Georgia, an island of oak trees and five beaches, including Driftwood Beach.

Paris always scores well for romance. It’s easy to walk around, is mostly flat, and just about anywhere can be a great background for an Instagram photo.

The gourmand and the oenophile

Some travelers are really serious about their food and wine. They will structure their itinerary around restaurants and wine tours.

For the foodies: New York is definitely a leader in the United States. You’ll find Chinese, Ethiopian, French and Jamaican food on the same block, not to mention countless pubs and bars. New Orleans, Austin and Chicago also deliver on the culinary front.

For the oenophile: there’s Napa and Sonoma Valley in California, the Finger Lake region in New York, Tuscany, Bordeaux, Burgundy and for legendary sweet wine, visit Porto in Portugal.

The “This Chill Ain’t It – Let’s Go Someplace Hot” Type

Some travelers are put off by even the slightest thrill (this writer included).

Why not fly to the Caribbean? If you’re looking for something cheap, try Jamaica or the Dominican Republic.

Want to splurge? St. Barths and Turks & Caicos have breathtaking private villas. Want to access more beaches than you can see in a single visit? The Bahamas.

Mexico might be a good choice, if you don’t mind a bit of rain in October. CancĂșn is one of the main tourist destinations along with Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita.

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