AvantStay launches a brokerage branch

Sean Breuner, CEO of AvantStay (AvantStay, iStock)

In a movement that goes beyond rentals, AvantStay has launched its brokerage branch.

The short-term rental company, which now has more than 600 homes in the United States, said it would hire real estate agents to help clients find second homes. These houses can then be managed by AvantStay.

To do this, AvantStay will hire its own real estate agents, as well as partnerships with local brokerage houses. The company plans to hire 200 agents over the next 12 months.

“Many of our customers and new people who have discovered AvantStay have said ‘I would really love to own a vacation home,’” said Sean Breuner, Founder and CEO of AvantStay.

The company has grown dramatically over the past few years, growing from 60 properties in 2018. Most of its properties are in the Midwest and West. In addition to rental management, AvantStay offers interior design and maintenance of the house.

Breuner added that demand has been widened by the pandemic as remote working has given customers more opportunities to travel.

“The pandemic was certainly an interesting and stimulating environment, but it also created some favorable winds in the industry to further accelerate demand for this type of experience,” Breuner said.

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