Backyard Pool Sharing Trend Grows in Las Vegas Thanks to ‘Swimply’ Website

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Are you looking to earn some extra cash? Why not rent out your backyard pool when you’re not using it.

Dozens of homeowners are now participating in and benefiting from a pool-sharing trend in our area during the pandemic. All thanks to a website called “Swimply”.

If you don’t have your own pool to beat the scorching summer heat of Las Vegas, look no further.

The Swimply website allows you to dive straight into a stranger’s pool for an hourly rate with one click.

The concept is like renting an Airbnb, but it’s only for the pool.

“We have the waterfall. He has solar lights. the weather is nice and warm, ”said Jennifer Gonzalez. “Our friends and family are benefiting from it. We just make great memories with our kids.

That’s why Jennifer Gonzalez signed up on Swimply to let other people create new memories in a pool you don’t come across too often.

Gonzalez calls it his desert oasis. She says she was skeptical at first before listing her pool on the website, but now she has booked the next two weekends.

“I think it’s a really cool concept. If you work during the day you can rent your garden, you’re not there anyway, why not get some extra income, ”Gonzalez said.

For $ 100 an hour, you could enjoy Gonzalez’s uniquely constructed swimming pool and backyard, but this is just one of dozens of backyard pools available for hire in Las Vegas.

The website offers rates starting at $ 10 an hour.

Gonzalez says many of his tenants skip the day clubs that many Las Vegas hotels have to offer.

“It’s expensive, and you have a crowd of a whole bunch of people, it’s mostly your family events,” Gonzalez said. “We have couples, only the two want to use our backyard.”

The website started in 2019, but took off quickly during the pandemic, with 3,000 ads across the country in the past six months. In Las Vegas, there are currently 69 listings.

The website takes 15% of each booking for insurance. If you would like to rent your rear pool, CLICK HERE.

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