Bad week for aviation, Airbnb is not the bad guy and beware of cliques

It has been a bad week for aviation in the state, with Aer Lingus announcing the closure of its base in Shannon and downsizing in Cork. Barry O’Halloran watches what is wrong and what will follow.

Dublin City Council will ask operators of public electric scooter sharing schemes to provide information on how could such schemes work hereAs some operators are concerned, they may be required to ensure that electric scooters are locked when not in use. The issue of parking has been problematic in other jurisdictions. Charlie Taylor has the details.

Caveat says making Airbnb a scapegoat for the housing crisis is an easy fix.

Regional Aer Lingus plans to start flying from Belfast to Glasgow from early July. Barry O’Halloran reports.

A lingering refrain from those who oppose painful action on climate change today is that national action will be more than offset by international inaction. John FitzGerald has some ideas.

In Wild goose we hear from David Clinch, co-founder of Storyful with Mark Little, talk about life in Atlanta and a career at CNN.

Emma Jacobs warns against rise of the clique as work returns to the office in any hybrid form.

Business schools must promote social responsibility alongside the pursuit of profit, argue Tanusree Jain and Julian Friedland.

The massive migration to e-commerce is one of the most obvious impacts of Covid-19. Less obvious, but having an equally powerful impact behind the scenes, writes Olive Keogh, is the growing shift towards corporate sustainability.

The true extent of the ransomware attack on the HSE by cybercriminals known as Wizard Spider is not yet clear, but the task of rebuilding the executive’s computer systems is expected to take weeks. In our Inside Business podcast, Ciarán speaks with Conor Scolard, CTO of Ekco Ireland, about the exposure of Irish companies to such attacks and what can be done to combat them.

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