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SYRACUSE – A team of real estate professionals and artists based in Baldwinsville have come together to help revitalize downtown Syracuse. Steve Case, founder of Acropolis Development, has teamed up with designer and real estate agent Rebecca Ewald to transform The Stoop – once a restaurant – into a pair of luxury Airbnb lofts. Baldwinsville designers Becka Miller of Miller’s Crossing Design and Jacqueline Colello add their artistic touch to the project.

Case acquired The Stoop in 2019 and originally planned to turn the space into high-end apartments, but Ewald, who made a name for himself in the local real estate world by showcasing homes with art, had a different take. from space. She convinced Case that they could carve out their own niche: luxury vacation rentals.

“It’s a really fabulous space and a really cool idea that Syracuse hasn’t seen yet,” said Ewald.

“The downtown lifestyle is coming back. People love being able to walk to shops and restaurants and be part of the downtown resurgence, ”said Case. “You are in the heart of Armory Square and clients can take advantage of its ideal location to truly experience the best of Syracuse.”

Each villa has a different vibe. Loft No. 1 is decorated in serene neutral tones with a “wabi-sabi” sensibility – the Japanese philosophy of embracing beauty in imperfection. The patina of the building’s original brick remains, juxtaposed with modern furnishings.

Loft # 2, Miller said, has more of a “California vibe” – bright colors, vibrant paintings, and a party-ready patio. Miller hand painted an aged orange hutch for the living room.

“It was a fun collaboration and I hope we do more of it,” she said.

Painter Jacqueline Colello is planning a mural that will greet vacationers at the top of the stairs as they enter the building.

“As soon as I walked up the stairs… I felt drawn to it,” Colello said.

Colello, who is currently painting a mural on the side of Francesca’s Cucina north of Syracuse, said the pandemic has forced people to slow down and “look at life from a different perspective”, focusing on art, music and community.

“I think our city is bringing art with it as it begins to reopen,” she said.

Colello, who will be finishing her mural at Villas at The Stoop this winter, said she was excited about the collaboration with Ewald.

“She put all her heart and soul into it, and just so she could top it off like a pinch on a cake [is great],” she said.

Colello noted that the team working on The Villas are mostly women, with the exception of Steve Case and Dan Ewald, Rebecca’s husband.

“It’s a bunch of women doing this together… helping each other rise,” Colello said.

Even the project’s marketing professional, Hannah Luiz of Novel Marketing Co., is a woman who lives in Baldwinsville.

“We have a serious team of B’ville girls at The Stoop,” Luiz said.

Ewald said she did not intentionally plan to build a fully-made B’ville team. The collaborations came together organically.

“When you start to lean into your hometown like B’ville, the stretch and support is amazing,” Ewald said.

The Villas at The Stoop are located at 311 W. Fayette St. in Syracuse. For more information or to book a stay, visit

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