BBC EastEnders: Danniella Westbrook in hospital weeks after drug relapse

EastEnders Star Danniella Westbrook was hospitalized weeks after admitting to fans that she had relapsed while on drugs.

Posting on her Instagram Story, Danniella, 47, shared a photo outside a hospital, telling her followers she was “back in the hospital.”

It is currently not confirmed why Danniella was hospitalized.

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Her hospital admission comes weeks after the actress, known for playing Sam Mitchell on the hit BBC One soap opera, shared a frank and honest message with her subscribers in September, admitting she had relapsed under the drugs and was seeking help for her addiction issues.

Daniella shared a photo of a hospital on her Instagram profile, telling fans she was ‘back in the hospital’

Accompanying her Instagram post with a selfie, Danniella wrote: “It’s no secret since I left rehab I slipped and [slid] more than I was straight I guess. “

She then wrote that she had joined a gym in an effort to be healthier and had “finished drinking the occasional packet.” [on a] evening”.

She added: “I am totally overwhelmed.

“I know the best years of my entire adult life were the 14 years I spent clean and sober.

“So today is the day I come back, own my shit, pick up the newcomer’s ring with pride and not ashamed.

“I’m all sick and tired of being sick and tired and feeling ashamed and [like] fraud when people tell me I’m fine. I did better this time around but I’m done, I’m so sick of it all.

“So today I say ‘Hello, I’m Danniella and I’m a recovering drug addict’.”

She added, “I didn’t have a background this time. I’m just all over the vicious cycle of crippling disease preventing me from being the best in myself and reaching my full potential.

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“I’m lucky this time, I’m not crawling around the rooms a skinny whiny baghead… I was destined for more than that and the last few years, fucking has shown me that cocaine and champagne are not. not good I don’t have the level I want.

“I want a natural buzz, a natural high from the life of opportunities, so it’s with my head held high that I say today is the day I return to the most welcoming and exclusive group of people with who I had the pleasure of working with… my CA Na Aa family.

“And I feel gratitude for the love of coins, the power of the steps and the non-judgmental people I can feel around with… There it is… all of you on the sunny side of life…”

“And to all those who are struggling, wake up and change your life before it claims yours… We all have a lot of love for you.

“Westie xxxx”.

Fans rushed to lend their support, with one writing: “Massive respect to you x. “

Another fan wished him good luck, commenting “Hope everything goes well for you!” accompanied by a heart emoji.

Danniella recently underwent the first of four reconstructive surgeries to reconstruct her face after years of drug addiction and recently posted photos of her looking noticeably different.

She played in EastEnders like Sam Mitchell since 1990.

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