BBC The Responder fans forced to shut down over ‘horrifying’ details

Fans of BBC The Responder have been forced to turn the show off – due to a high-pitched sound that hurts their eyes.

During the first two episodes of Martin Freeman’s show, fans flocked to Twitter to complain about the sound effect.

Sean Rhodes said: “TV producers – can you please stop using high sine waves to mean ‘tension’ in your ffs programs. It’s *really* f**** with my tinnitus so bad. #The answering machine – my ears are ringing now. (CC : @BritishTinnitus is this common to everyone?)”

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Jo Malley said: “It’s really not great for people with tinnitus…”

Joseph remarked, “Is it just me or do all dramas abuse high-pitched noises now? It’s rare that a drama doesn’t trigger my tinnitus within the first 10 minutes. #TheResponder”

“Did I suddenly have tinnitus #TheResponder,” Gareth asked.

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Charlotte said: “I love #theresponder @bbcentertain but the soundtrack with the high pitched dog whistle for tinnitus? It’s awful. Scare cats too”

“Watching #TheResponder – what are we thinking playing that high-pitched squeal every few minutes…it’s really bothering my #tinnitus,” Steve said.

Vicki Thompson said: “I tried to watch #TheResponder but the high frequency noise in the background music was bothering my tinnitus so much we had to turn it off.

“It was as unpleasant as one of those mosquito alarms.”

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