Beats On Revenue and Misses on EPS – Own Snap

Airbnb (NASDAQ: ABNB) misses $ 0.81, beats on turns, GBV up 52% ​​p.a., expects second quarter revenue to be at a similar level to 2Q19.

Reports a loss of $ 1.95 per share in the first quarter (March), which is $ 0.81 below the S&P Capital IQ consensus of ($ 1.14); Revenue grew 5.4% annually to $ 887 million from $ 717.99 million S&P Capital IQ Consensus. Gross reservation value (GBV) up 52% ​​per year to $ 10.3 billion. Nights and experiences booked up 13% per year to 64.4 million.

Outlook: For Nights and Reserved Experiences, ABNB expects Q2 2021 to be significantly above the very depressed levels of Q2 2020, but below that of Q2 2019. ABNB expects GBV in Q2 2021 is higher than that of Q2 2019, given the increase in ADR that we have seen since the start of the pandemic. For April, we saw an improvement in the trends compared to March for booked nights and experiences and GBV.

Expects revenue in Q2 2021 to be significantly higher than in Q2 2020, given the impact of COVID-19 over the period of the previous year, and at a level similar to Q2 2019. In Q2 2021 ,

ABNB stock is up 0.80% to 136.83 after falling 3.21% in regular session.

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