“Beer at home means Davenports! »- an old tradition returns to Birmingham

An old Brummie the favorite is coming back to town.

Davenports is restarting its home beer delivery service – an offering that started over a century ago and has long been a city favorite.

The famous Midlands brewery kicks off the relaunch at 1 p.m. this Friday, at Bull head, in Bishopsgate Street. A county horse will start the event, recalling the roots of door-to-door service.

Cen Hayward, sales director for the now-beloved brand based in Smethwick, said: “E-commerce is extremely important and the time has come to relaunch our own dedicated beer service at home.”

Westside Business Improvement District General Manager Mike Olley said: “We are delighted to welcome this historic relaunch. “

“Davenports was a huge brand in its day and who knows… maybe in the new world of drop shipping it could see a resurgence. “

Home beer orders are made by the Davenport website.

No more horse and cart delivery – the new home beer comes in durable packaging.

What is Davenports?

Davenports has its roots in Hockley The Davenport family, starting with brewer Robert Davenport in 1829. He owned a few pubs and had premises on Pritchett Street and Brearley Street.

His son, also a Robert, moved to Bath Row and brought the business with him – later, in 1867, “John Davenport & Sons” was formed.

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The first home deliveries by Davenports began in 1899 and developed into a very successful “Beer At Home” service in 1904.

Rationing during the World Wars curtailed delivery service, but the company was quick to branch out into television advertising. Their advertisements and jingles stimulated activity and made them an icon of the city.

Davenports bought another local brewery, Dare’s, in 1962. This helped them strengthen their pub portfolio and secure a new deposit on Bath Row.

The Bulls Head - home to the Beers at Home relaunch event on Friday, December 3 at 1pm.
The Bulls Head – home to the Beers at Home relaunch event on Friday, December 3 at 1pm.

By 1985 Davenports had 123 pubs, plus unlicensed licenses and cash-and-carries. The following year, it merged with Greenall Whitley of Cheshire, and the brewing at Bath Row ceased in 1989.

Empire Star bought the Davenports brand and brought it to Smethwick – where he hopes the Beer At Home revival will be a big hit.

Davenport advertisements

Besides the beer itself, the ads are perhaps the most iconic part of the Davenports brand.

You might remember that song from the old TV commercials;

A photo of a Davenports ad - "soon you will know why people all say ..."
A photo from a Davenports ad – “you’ll soon know why people are all saying …”

“Home beer means Davenports,

It’s beer, a lot of joy.

The best hops with malt and yeast

Turns a snack into a feast.

Directly from the brewery to your home,

Why collect, we will deliver.

Soon you will know why people are all saying,

Beer at home means Davenports!

Davenports kept its old advertisements archived on its website here – tell us which ones you remember!

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