Best Airbnbs for Lions: 6 places to book according to your horoscope

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Lion season always hits in the middle of summer, which means there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. If you are a proud member of the Leo community, now is the time to shine. And what better way to do it than by planning your own getaway to end summer on a high? To help you find the perfect spot to match your fire sign attributes, we reached out to Stephanie Whaley, founder of horoscope-based dating app Oromoon, who shared some valuable insight into the Season of Leo. and on how to find the perfect Leo-fit environment.

“[Leos] are the royalty of the zodiac. They like to be very [extra] because they’re ruled by the sun and the sun is a big deal, ”Whaley shares. Of course, Leos love beautiful things but they also make sure to share them with the people around them. “Lions think independently, but they love to create an ecosystem where everyone thrives. When we think of Lions in particular, I would say, how do we usher in our leadership skills and how can we use those leadership skills to create a structure that would allow the whole collective to heal and thrive? “

Based on Whaley’s advice and insight, we’ve rounded up some of the best Airbnbs for Lions to live their best lives, if only for a quick getaway. If you’re ready to get your people together and have a good time, consider the amazing options below.

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