Best Airbnbs on Beaches and California Coast (Updated August 2021)

Faq: Airbnb beaches and coasts in California

Where do I get an Airbnb in California?

The character and geography of the different towns and regions means that there is a coastal or beach vacation for every type of traveler.

More urban locations and adjacent to urban areas around San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego will naturally have more tourist attractions beyond the beach, while smaller towns on the North and Central Coast would offer a slower pace. and more possibilities for seclusion and nature.

This article offers a mix of the two options and can help you begin to identify which type of location is best for you.

What’s the weather like in California?

While most of California enjoys warm, sunny climates throughout the year, the weather can vary depending on where you are going.

For example, there is a quote commonly attributed to Mark Twain that says, “The coldest winter I have ever had was a summer in San Francisco. The foggy city can indeed get chilly, even in summer, with weather in the 50s and 60s.

The other beaches in Northern California are warmer than this, but the hottest beaches will be those in Southern California.

What is the best time of year to visit the California coast?

If you are looking to swim in the ocean, you will need a wetsuit outside of the summer in Northern California. In Southern California, the weather can be warm enough for swimming from late spring to early fall, with summer being ideal.

For hiking and other activities out of the water, the California coast is truly a year round destination, especially in a drought year like last year. If you want to be safer to avoid the rain, plan a trip anytime from late May through September.

How to find a cheap Airbnb in California?

Weather and peak holiday times usually mean higher prices. Summer is the high season, as are weekends, holidays and times when schools are in winter and during spring break.

If you can take time off on weekdays or book for September or October when most schools are back, for example, these are ways to find cheaper prices during the warmer months.

Is Airbnb Safe?

CDC guidelines state that vacation rentals are a safe travel choice because they allow people to minimize contact with vacationers outside of their homes. They also recommend safe travel for people who are fully vaccinated.

For added peace of mind, we’ve only highlighted Airbnbs that have committed to following the company’s Enhanced Clean guidelines.

What should I consider when booking an Airbnb?

It is important to read the advertisements carefully so that you know what you are getting and also remember that you are staying in a house rather than a hotel. The benefits of this may include access to a fully equipped kitchen, or enjoying more privacy (and COVID security).

But it also means that you won’t have turndown service, and you have to remember that every house has its own specialties. If you walk in with your eyes open and choose a place with positive reviews, it can be a great way to travel.

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