Best Airbnbs to Rent for a Last Minute Memorial Day Getaway

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Are you and your friends fully vaccinated? Awesome! Then you are ready to book a Memorial Day weekend group getaway. And even if it’s a bit the last minute, there is still time to score a good place to finally catch up and have fun like in the good old days. Whether you’re looking to stay in the woods or just steps from the beach, we’ve spotted nine amazing properties still available to book for the vacation long weekend.

Just a warning: some of these may already be booked for Memorial Day as you read this. They are definitely worth keeping on your radar for your future endeavors, however!


Need to recharge your batteries near the beach? This place is for you. Located in the downtown Long Beach Arts District, it is within walking distance of many great restaurants, shops and more. In terms of amenities, you get two bedrooms (one with two queen-size beds), two dining areas, a cozy patio, and a fully-equipped kitchen to show off all those cooking skills you’ve honed. during locking.

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