Best friends read each other’s pregnancy test results and are shocked to find they are both waiting

Two friends found out that they were Pregnant at exactly the same time.

Shelbie and Dom are such good friends that they even share a single TikTok account. The besties have known each other for 15 years.

So when they suspected that they expected what they expected, they went to the pharmacy and got some pregnancy testing.

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“When you and your best friend are both pregnant,” the caption read.

The footage showed Shelbie and Dom picking up pregnancy tests at the store and taking them together at residence. When the results fell, they showed themselves the tests. The jaws of the two women dropped. What were the odds, after all?

“Fathers are also best friends. Best friends dating best friends. Kids will also be best friends ”, Shelbie and Dom added in the comments section.

The video received 55 million views on TIC Tac. Apparently, they’re not the only best friends to get pregnant together.

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“It’s so bright, congratulations! Those kids already have the best life ever, ”one user noted.

“It was me and my best friend. We both had boys. They are three months apart. Then we had girls a week apart, ”a person wrote.

“It happened with me and my best friend. We went to do more testing because we thought we had a faulty box,” another noted.

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