Best Friends trek through Sussex on a trek through the UK

TWO best friends praised the hospitality of the people of Sussex as they traveled across the UK coast.

Wayne Lewin and Tracey Hannam have reached Bognor as they cross the country from Folkestone on their 12,000 mile journey.

The duo left for the round trip last month and aim to become the first male and female friends to complete the journey together, while also raising money for two different charities.

The couple embarked on the extraordinary march across the country to raise funds for children in need and the mental health charity Mind, as well as other local charities along the way.

Wayne said, “This is unlike anything you ever imagined doing or ever will do in your life because it creates so many different experiences and challenges every day.

“It’s never boring and two days are never the same – we never know where we’re going to end up or who we’re going to meet.”

The entire trip will take around three years, but could take longer as they explore the communities along the way.

Wayne, from Leeds, and Tracey, from Bath, made the most of their trip across the country, exploring attractions and cafes and staying at accommodation nearby.

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On the way through Sussex they took in the views of Seven Sisters, visited the Mad Cattery teahouses in Eastbourne, fired bullets at a gun sports club in Newhaven and stopped at many other cafes and restaurants.

Tracey said the hospitality they received while in Sussex was “amazing”, recalling that a couple from Camber Sands offered to let them stay for free in their Airbnb trailer in Portslade while they were crossing the coast.

She said the pandemic and successive lockdowns over the past 18 months have made people more willing to open up and share.

“Some cafes don’t even let us go out without having a main meal

Wayne explained that the trip made them both appreciate the little things in life.

“You don’t really need luxury anymore – we’ve replaced it with experiences, people, places and memories, instead of a new sofa,” he said.

They shared every stop on their trip across the country via their personal blogs on Facebook, with a combined following of around 8,000 people – some of whom greeted them throughout their journey across the country.

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