Best hotels to book in Europe once lockdown is over

WWith the news that an overseas vacation could be on the cards again starting May 17, provided the prime minister’s roadmap to come out of the lockdown goes as planned, thousands are already rushing to book accommodation on the mainland in time for the summer.

That so many people are willing to make their reservations early, despite the significant possibility that the current travel ban could be extended well beyond May, only shows the pent-up desperation of an escape to more climates. sunny.

Of course, with growing concern over the spread of Covid variants, not all countries are eager to open their borders, and when the UK’s travel restrictions are finally lifted, vacation options will still be limited. .

That said, several countries are already preparing to welcome the return of the British on vacation. Here are some viable vacation destinations when travel is allowed, as well as the best hotels to book now.


The Greek government has been one of the strongest supporters of standardized vaccine certification, which would allow anyone who has received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine to travel without having to take a PCR test or go into quarantine. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told Bloomberg: ‚ÄúPeople will want to travel, especially during the summer, and it doesn’t make much sense not to facilitate travel – as long as we feel comfortable – to accommodate people who have been vaccinated.

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